Monday, 24 June 2013

Pink Dragonfruit is back in SEASON!

I am not entirely certain this is the Novotel Hotel.

I may be wrong

I have always thought that I was an extremely tough human,  you know, fairly fearless, etc etc. Last night I realised that I am a girl- (actually I realised this a few years prior, there are a few dead giveaways, but for the sake of drama.. let me be) 
-Toukay's are large, strong geckos that look rad- blue with purple spots, not attacking critters, though quite defensive ones. They are always seen outside the houses up here- I like them. On walls. outside. out of reach. Last night, in a friends house, on the roof above the dining table was a huge Toukay (on par with crocodile) just hanging out.. Flip. A male buddy here decides grabbing at it quickly is the best way to remove said Toukay. Incorrect. They are fast and will flip mid air and scurry everywhere. This is where my i-am-girl realisation kicked in. My heart triple-sped up, my running gait was impressive and my whimper-slash-hyperventilation yelps were undeniable. Dang it. Gecko got grabbed, within the next few moments and after some tormenting minutes (for me and other ladies) the thing was flung outside. Humbling. I am indeed pathetic.

On the other hand, I am quite a competent little rider here around Thailand. I think. Scooters are such rad fun. Especially when you play games whilst riding. For all parents and protective older brothers reading, these are all hypothetical situations of course.
Games are fun. One fun game would be to turn off and throw your friends bike keys on the road as the light is about to turn green. What fun. How funny, of course this would only be done on quiet streets. if ever done .. ahem.
Another fun bike game is to booty tap, smack, hit, love grab your friend from behind when they are riding their bike, unknowingly, hand to backside whilst riding is always a hilarious surprise for everyone involved.
Of course I wouldn't do these things. I have only heard of them. dot dot dot.

I would however tickle the feet of a Thai man sleeping in his truck.. He loved the surprise wake up I am sure. Life can be quite fun when you act first and think later. I do not think this is clever for all endeavours in life, but the semi-safe ones, it's all good
Recently, I took the cafe chicks out for dinner at Korean BBQ. With great pride I organised this big hang out and yet the flipping Thai language keeps getting the better of me; I told the girls excitedly that we were going out to eat chairs, not Korean food. Mmm. Blast. Just when I thought I was the boss of Thai language.

So, I have approximately one month before my first year in Chiang Rai at Destiny Rescue is complete. What an absolutely insane ride it has been thus far.. A flipping fun one. For real- I am sitting here in a cafe which I have been blessed to upstart with 20 (now 17) girls that don't speak English, that are aged between 14-20yrs old. These girls rock my world and have made me laugh, cry and various other emotions- some excellent, not so pleasant. Best. Blessed.
Cafe Cuties. Love-er-ly

But news! I am going to be leaving my job at the cafe as of the next few weeks and move into a different role with Destiny Rescue. This is perfect timing and whilst I am sad about leaving this crazy part of my life and the girls- I am pretty stoked about what is to come in the next few months of my life.
I am hoping to be working more in a personal development program and creative program, how vague you might say. Yes.
At this point, it is a bit vague- the true description is being fleshed out at the moment. So slowly I will transition from insanity into a new venture, that I am sure will be just as challenging and insane! I am so excited to invest in a richer way in the little ladies' lives.
Get them thriving and energized about their futures, as if that's not the coolest role ever!

I have mentioned that my health has been lacklustre. It is definitely time for some rest, nourishment, home and the likes! The girls are pretty upset to see me leave this management role, but I told them I can now just be their friend instead of boss them around and they like that :) I like having 17 little sisters. 
 So posted, I will keep you and in your prayers, please keep me!

I was privileged to go spend a weekend or two back at an Ahka Hilltribe. I spoke at the local church service. I felt a rad presence of God that weekend, travelling up with mates and seeing the big, big needs in this village and thirst for truth.
Ahka girlie from PangPoi Village

I am buying audio bibles in Ahka for the village tonight, as very few of them can read or write Thai or Ahka. Crazy.
We take our resources and education for granted so often. Man oh man. If you are reading this you probably own the computer you are reading from and my guess is you are in the top 11% of the worlds wealth. In fact, I know you are.
So when you think you are broke and need to save a few more thousand dollars for "just in case" or for I don't know, instead know what a blessed and rich human you are. Don't take it for granted. You are abundantly rich financially.
 I am also guessing you are reading and are not having this verbally read out to you- sweet, you can read.
Think about how many things everyday you read over. That isn't the reality for everyone hey, don't take it for granted either. Speaking and reading to the Ahka people that were literally being filled up as words were spoken was a humbling experience. I don't want to be blasé about what I have and what I have been given. Be it education, position, or a skinny cappacino.
Use what you have been given- big or small, skilled or just totally willing.
"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he could only do a little" -Edmund Burke

I feel like I could explode with excitement of what life is about and what is to come in the upcoming months, years of my life. Not just my life though, yours too: be further than before.
2 Samuel 22:30
"For by You I can run against a troop; By my God I can leap over a wall."

I recently ripped my pants scaling a roof- I'm off to get them mended.
Bless you all. SEE ALL YOU AUSTRALIANOS SOON! Big Love xxxx
Just some great DR workers.. I think I eat too many raw carrots #somewhatorange