Saturday, 25 May 2013

Unexpected Events & a Sweet Stand-off

Nothing out of the ordinary..
I am sure none would think this, but Thailand, let me assure you is never too dull.
 Chiang Rai is unfortunately not the party dance scene of Southeast Asia nor is it the best place to shop for some sweet sweet clothing (Thankyou ASOS online, I love you).
 BUT other than once or twice and for no longer than 10 minutes, I have never been bored living in Northern Thailand.
Here is why.

Firstly, to those who may not know me well-  I am not a domestic pet lover. Especially ones with a coat that molts. Inside. On furniture. On me. Not my thing. God bless you all who do. 

However, I am speaking directly to you now stray cat, do not bring me dead lizards and then proceed to birth 4 kittens in my laundry. You cheeky little minx. Poor form. 
My housemates and I stared at this little things wondering what the flip we must do. Syringing milk into a kittens mouth was not in my plan for this week, but I am pleased to announce- I am not entirely heartless when it comes to nursing little things to life. BOOM.
The kittens are now with a family down the road- being loved and fed, worry not.
Thailand- not dull :)
I admit, I feel an inkling of warmth..

Every 3 months, I border-cross to Burma as a Visa requirement. There’s a big dodgy marketplace at the bordertown which is good for all your “real” Blue-ray DVD and Lacoste leather needs. My trip up this week was... not ideal.

I jump on my bike for the 1hr trip, head up the highway and within 20minutes, my tyre pops. Dang. Rough directions lead me to a roadside mechanic with 11 men standing around with nothing better to do than watch the stupid white girl as she awaits a new tyre tube. Why did I decide to wear a dress this day?! 15 minutes of awkwardness and I get back on bike.. all good.
 Zooming at 90km, only 12km from the border and I get a fling of what I thought was maybe mud spray from a truck in front, incorrect. It was a swarm of bees. Yes bees. Still driving, getting stung, and yes, sticky residue (honey?!!?!) all over my helmet, and clothes, I try not to die and fall off bike.. Laughing-slash-crying in pain, with a very vibrant red, bitten neck, I shake them all off (still driving). Nek minut, pours rain. Yes, this all did happen.
Oh and when I get home a few hours later, my only desire is a shower, but ahh yes, all water in the house I live has been turned off.
Classic Thailand.

See? Not dull. On top of that recently, I have started Muay Thai kickboxing, met some wonderful, wonderful people, gone tubing down rivers and am currently mapping out an attack on a huge cave up here that needs me to explore it :)

I am a very lucky girl- I think I have had visitors almost every month in being here. Sarah Tibs, plus Mark, Leah & the rad Jonny Ryder all came a-calling a week or so back. Good times, such a cool thing to collide my 2 worlds. It made me think of home and how flipping fun my friends are. Honestly, you guys should all meet my friends. I don’t want to take my relationships for granted. I understand this more, being away from them.
Tibben & I. My golden friend. We giggled much.

As always, Many things are constantly challenging me and enriching my life.. I still get blown away that I get to be here. I wouldn’t choose me. But for some reason, here I am and definitely not by my own merits.

I saw a beautiful picture of what restoration is a week or two back. When we get girls rescued up here, they are often brought in the cafe to chat with our Thai staff about Destiny Rescue and to learn of our vocational training opportunities. Last week, 6 new girls came in wearing trashy high heels, lycra hot-pants, big makeup/hair: the whole deal. They were so tiny, definitely under 16 yrs old. They looked pretty sheepish walking right through the cafe. As they pass the kitchen about 5 of my cafe girls come out of the kitchen door. Every girl stares at each other. It is the sweetest stand-off.
On one side are girls dress like hardened night-workers, hoping so badly for this opportunity to be real.
And the other side, young women wearing cute modest uniforms, smiling with confident voices welcoming these new girls to Destiny Cafe. I was so proud of my girls and so excited for these new little ladies.
 It was such a joyful picture for me to see. I think my heart smiled.

Sometimes I can get so caught up in work, skills, bettering myself, doing ‘good deeds’ , making great plans/programs, but if not for the blossoming of broken children to thriving ones- what the heck is the point.

“Those from among you
Shall build the old waste places;
You shall raise up the foundations of many generations;
And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,
The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”
 Isaiah 58:12

Being all cute

Family, friends, other people.. I miss you. Lots.