Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wintertime in Thailand.... Oh, that's nice

Just some of the latest of offerings down at Destiny Cafe & Restaurant. 

Whoa. It's been a while since i wrote. 
About that. 
I have just finished 5 weeks of having wonderful family and friends visiting the adventure that is Chiang Rai.
Somehow, and I do not know how it got there, but there was some water in my eyes when hugging my mumma hello and good-bye. Gosh. Don't read into it- I am still pretty tough and hate "The Notebook".... 
We all need mum around sometimes hey . Oh Bless.  Plus parents pay for things.. I didn't just say that. 

 I am pretty sure about 1000 wonderful things have happened in the past 6-7weeks. So I will summarise and then hone in when necessary :) 

Sleep: Lacking.. I get a good few hours per week. Often interrupted by my alarm or by our Thai neighbours who play the heinous music at all hours of the day & night. I initially thought the music was coming from Ash's office and questioned her coolness, but then realised that it's coming from a greater distance; I do have some leftover fireworks that may need to be thrown in a certain direction. 

Parties: Many. 
Surprise bday/farewell party: the cafe girls throw a surprise party for me and Al (rad Master AlexTan who sadly left Chiang Rai in Dec): we both got 20 roses going up the stairs to the cafe rooftop (it felt a little "proposal" like- we were both a tad skeptical at this point), a fruit buffet, gifts, giggles and sweetness. They used up their tip money to throw us this party.. Felt bad- but oh so lovely. I have many cutesy gifts & letters that make the long, hard days worthwhile :)
Sweet Love from the ladies.. xx 

Real birthday: 20 odd random people together for a caving experience which led to a snowy Thai Christmas festival complete with a real zebra and ice-skating. I am still perplexed about it as well. 

Christmas: A real turkey! Good times with the Loftis' in Chiang Mai and Mum, Dad and sister Ezzie.  A little slice of home with a Merry Lofty-Killer Combination :) 

New Years: Started with fireworks and an INCREDIBLE feed with a Thai family out on a pig farm. Mew and Boompap, Dee-Jii and Yindee- Thank you!!!! Even though I almost got blown up. My own fault I guess.. 
Then down at the crazy big clock tower countdown. Good times with the DR family, lots of ghosting and wild Thai people. Some famous Thai rock band was present. (slightly better than my neighbours music)  

Thai House warming party: 200 guests, spontaneous dance performance, much alcohol, many ladyboys.. those last two things mentioned should never met. So confusing. 

Cafe: still standing. Many volunteer teams throughout January which is great for business and practice for the girlies.  KEEPCUPS have arrived! A big shout out to Zac Livett & to Suburban Youth/Young Adults for raising money and helping this project happen.. We have already sold over 30 units.  

The girls still make mistakes, but they are trying super hard.. I am learning to be a boss as well as friend & mentor. Sometimes I have to be the 'boss lady' which I do not enjoy, but I know they need to learn boundaries and why we have rules and expectations. I want to set them up for life in other workplaces beyond the shelter and protection of DR. 
I would much rather joke with them and teach them some dances, but sometimes docking pay or setting higher standards is the way to go..
 I don't even really care if they spill an entire iced latte all down my new light blue t-shirt… ahem.  I'd rather me then a paying customer.
 I love them. They cry, laugh, mess up, don't speak English well, but I love them. 
Kids running a classy restaurant in Thailand. What the!? 

Wildlife: I found the most crazy dog I have ever seen. It reminds me of Alf- for all you born in the 80's peeps.. (look up Alf.. do it) It is totally huge and ridiculous..It literally flaps at great speeds. It technically would do well having a haircut BUT i kind of like it's unkempt look. Brilliant.

We now have 3 teeny pet turtles. Our house-cleaner screamed a whole lot as she found one that had done a mad dash (well, turtle-paced mad dash), across our living room floor… It is about as big as a .50 cent coin, so it's a good thing she didn't step on it.

Pig: Britney. Rad. Tiny. Runt. Missing. She runs like she is wearing high heels so I don't think she has gotten too far Indy, don't worry.. xxx

 Tea plantations: found one whilst riding the bikes towards Burma. Great little detour. 

Needs: a whole lot.. Thanks to the 5 people who put their hands up within 1 hour to help give to the medical needs here at Destiny that I mentioned in a Facebook post. Generosity abounding. You have bought eyeglasses for one of our chicks, plus some expensive medication for another. Thank you.
If you would like to help out in anyway, do message/email me. There are always needs!

Giggles: daily. Whether it be my father dunking his fingers into a little teacup thinking it was a muscle relaxant at a massage parlour or be it a Cafe chick running down an unsaying customer, only do bring him back and find he had paid, or watching people run into our perfectly cleaned glass cafe door or in watching a healthy dose of Karl Pilkington.. teehee

God: the best. He sustains me. Protects me. Gives me wisdom and even more grace. I am super inadequate, but somehow here. I have been blown away by His presence in my life these past few weeks. Big Time. 
 Thank you King, for this adventure and the ones to come. 

I am excited about what this year will bring, I have no idea what is in store. I feel X % certain that I will be here for a bit longer than just July this year.. There is just so much to do and so much here that I can see myself being a part off. We are about to launch the Destiny Rescue Dance Program (Cos I have way too much spare time on my hands, ye know?!)
 Our opening workshop will be Feb 10th and it will be a fairly legit training program, not just a fortnightly light-hearted class. I want to teach them how to perform properly, technique, strength and many styles of dance.. We have some pretty cool dance/performance opportunities that may arise from this new  venture. Watch this space..

Love you all back home. I am sad not be around around for the weddings, babies, summer days, Sarah's departure, my new beautiful niece, Tash!!  the Melbourne times, friends & family, but I know you are all still there and still care.. Come visit.. There is alway a spare bed, or hammock lying around..

Bessie.. X
Thanks Karl. It gets you thinking doesn't it?