Thursday, 7 March 2013

Adventures of the glandular kid... or lack of..

Personally I think that buying a shade seems
 like a much more efficient, clever idea..
 Oh Thailand.. 

Hello various friends and family members whom I love! 
How are you all?

I will disclaim from the get-go that this post may not be my most exciting one.
Of recent days, the most energetic part of my daily routine includes going down to the market to buy green mangoes (which taste better than yellow, i kid you not) and deciding if i should nap first or watch a movie first. 

I have glandular fever again. Ugh. 
Yes, and before all you wise, sensible souls say I told you so… I say,  yes, yes but my life is usually very exciting and  "resting and slowing down" have always seemed like boring options..

I will admit defeat.. with gritted teeth. .
 I didn't realise it was GF (mono, to you Americanos)  until some blood tests proved my diagnosis of exhaustion, muscle aches and very painful spleen to be unfortunately correct… 
I have to say - going to hospital with 2 of the May-Tans: Karla and Anna, actually was a pretty fun (can i say that?) event. If you need hospital buddies, take them. 
 They made me laugh lots, wish was very dangerous in case my spleen exploded. Which in itself is funny, sort of. 

 One of these 2 lovely females rather enjoyed commentating on the sick, dying bodies around my hospital bed, the other wanted to join me on my bed and hide her eyes.. My shneaky spleen pain was nothing compared to the 4 motorbike accident victims that came in whilst i was there.. bit of perspective really..  So i took my little sore spleen home and have been sleeping ever since. 
Spleen is a funny word. 

 I was supposed to head to Bali in mid February with some friends up here- but due to illness, I spent the time 2 doors down the road at the Mays residence..  So Bali would have been incredible BUT I did have a chilled out, loving, fun and joyful time watching Chuck episodes, snoozing and drinking soda water.
 Life is good on a couch sometimes... sometimes. 

 it's near a month of being an invalid and I won't lie to say it's been as much of a challenge as being incredibly busy.
 It's testing my patience to be still. To rest. To allow others to help me. To not jump on my bike or dance around.  I know I am generally way too energetic for my own good- now I have as much energy as a newborn koala drunk on eucalyptus leaves.  

On a positive note: I am FLIPPING INCREDIBLE at Tetris and Ruzzle now. Virtually unbeatable and my tetris scores would rival an 15yr old, freckly nerd from the 80's wearing a TRON tshirt. Ahh yeah.  Being bedridden is the training ground for mastering iPhone game Apps.

The Cafe has not blown up or lost millions of baht in my absence.. I'm happy to report that I am coming home cos I am not needed here anymore.. Puet Len! (just kidding) As if.. 

BUT the girls HAVE risen to the challenge of being responsible, hard-working and using initiative without me around.  I have had a few excellent people around me help to cover me too. BIG THANKYOU TO THEM!  
Some very, very cool young ladies..  

I have struggled somewhat not to be frustrated with this health setback and not to think I am a useless piece of human here. I know I am learning all those 'patience-related' character traits that I missed out on along the way.. 

I know I have purposes here, I am just being rebuilt- to pour out again.. I am slowly becoming refreshed, nourished and hopefully back in the game soon...
Plus I miss the drama of working with 20 teenage girls.. 

So many new Destiny Rescue volunteers and the return of old  great ones here in Thailand is expanding the social circles..
 It's pretty great- new friends are always a good thing. 
Being in the cafe is rad, because it's the central hub for everyone to come many times a week- it's fun to meet travellers and catch up with the DR staff too. 
The business is slowly growing. :) 

Destiny Rescue is experiencing incredible growth right now. 
As of this week, another 16 girls have been rescued with the target of 400 girls this year likely. I cannot believe I get to be a part of this.. 
Every time I get angry or feel helpless about the evil that has such a powerful grip on this billion-dollar industry though out SouthEast Asia- a little precious girl gets rescued... She chooses to leave her bondage and reach out to freedom offered.
Another girl helps another girl out too. And then one gets baptised and confesses her faith. And yet another prays over a saddened friend. A bunch of them smile and laugh their heads off. There is light here.. Oh heck, there is lots of darkness, hate, trauma, pain and healing needed, but there is light and abundant futures. Blessed. 

I am planning to start up a Destiny Rescue dance program which will be an audition-based entry to join. Training will be relatively intense in different dance genres, performance knowledge and strength training- the intention will be to one day tour as a creative team that can raise funds and awareness for DR. Locally and OVERSEAS. Pretty excited about the prospects…. baby steps though- i can't even walk 200m without wanting a nap at the end currently.. 

Anyway enough of this.. I love you all. I feel comforted in all situations because my God sees me and loves lavishly. His grace is proving sufficient. 
Next time I write there will be adventures of exceptional grandeur I promise! 
Love to you all.  
Excellent Thai dinner with some Australian chocolate lurve..