Thursday, 5 December 2013

Turtles, Geckos & 12 Degrees Celsius.


Hilltribe. Curious.

I am back in beautiful Thailand!

Chiang Rai is home once more and what a rich, full, busy, vibrant one it is.  I have been back about 6 weeks now, though it seems that I never left. 

It’s getting colder and colder (Sorry to sound pathetic to any people living in actual cold nations). I wear a beanie regularly.. sometimes to be cool & ironic, but more often than not it’s due to the weather. 

I just ran over a live fish. 

Yes. I was on my bike overtaking a tiresome truck and I saw what looked like a leaf-slash-giant-slug on the road and of course went right over it. It “squidged” on my tires and I looked back to see a fish slapping and flipping all over the road. 
It obviously escaped the market life; I hope it finds water or a BBQ hot plate soon. 

I also accidently froze a gecko in my freezer. Poor guy- he looks like he was an animated, energetic little guy. Sorry animals. I am not good for the fauna in Thailand it seems. 

There happens to be a few killer dogs in my neighbourhood. Actually many. Mangy, street gangs roam the back alleys of Chiang Rai and finding dogless exercise routes is proving difficult. 
I am thankful for a gift give to me of a pepper spray can & baton to protect me. For days now I have been anxious to leave my house, but fear no longer wins when I step out of my house.
(High five Oliver Mason) 

It’s been an absolute blessing to be back here and see familiar faces. Seeing different friends and different rescue girls make my heart want to explode. Many changes and big challenges have occurred with Destiny Rescue over the last few months-pruning to increase the fruitfulness.
I was only away for 2 months, but I can visibly see the strength & growth that has happened in people here. Rescue girls and workers alike, a visible refining process has taken place.     There is lots of anticipation brewing here, for the next year and what fruit will come. We are changing up the program and the way aftercare happens for each rescue girl going through our program. A new, efficient & intentional timeline for each girl means that will be personally & holistically invested in. Bless.

Ex-cafe girls working in new restaurant. Boom

The dance project and program is up and running. I have girls from prevention and rescue programs involved, aged 13 - 23yrs. The video project is constantly evolving. I am learning so much and being challenged to think outside my expectations for this vision. 
In my head I had professional dancers to work with, but this is obviously not the case.  I have children with no previous training. Learning to create dances that are quality with simplicity of movement & musicality is a new challenge. I still believe we can make something powerful to move people.
 I think God has a good hand on it to be honest. I just need to keep giving it to Him instead of stealing it as my own task. I simply cannot create the energy and power needed for this project- easier said than done sometimes. Especially if you are Bess “CONTROL SITUATIONS” Kilpatrick ;) 

I ended up on a team trip 2 weeks back- a rad schoolies team from Australia needed a female leader (14 girls and 1 very lucky boy on the team) to travel through Bangkok, Chiang Mai and back up to Chiang Rai for Destiny Rescue.
It was a fun blessing to be a part of it- I miss working with Aussie youth! #suburbanyouthidigyou.
Not that I am a wise old soul, I'm quite an average one, but to challenge young minds and to try present Jesus Christ throughout my actions is an privilege.
I loved seeing this young crew take hold of what Destiny Rescue is trying to achieve and desire to be a part of it. 

Thai's Tie-Dying. No Thai's died.

And so firework antics, caving and hilltribe visits, water-rafting, laughs & crafts with rescue girls, dancing and my terrible volleyball skills keep me entertained amidst the learning I am experiencing. 
Pangpoi Ahka Hilltribe Rice Fields

I am learning how much life changes and throughout it all there’s an Almighty God that is over all.
Loving Jesus is a blessed state to be in. Life really hurts sometimes and confuses the heck out of me especially when I see much evil and brokenness around me. Even my own life feels heavy & burdensome on occasion. 
But above all this is a saving Grace that has already won the victory. 

A lifestyle and direction that you choose for yourself will never excite you or fulfill you like one that looks upward to a Creator for that path. His ideas and purpose for you exceeds your human mind & desires.
I am learning this in a very tangible way these days. 

"I know that You can do all things; no purpose of Yours can be thwarted"
                                                                                                              Job 42:2

Loving and missing home excessively, coming home reminded me of how rad the humans I know are!

Y'all the Bist x
(celebrating the accent influences of Southern American & New Zealand I am surrounded by)
Roommates: Absolute Delights! Shall miss you little Clifton. #ihavealargehead  

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